When the disabled and otherwise abled can lose weight and exercise, why do the able make excuses?

I’m home alone watching morning television, I do this the few mornings that I’m not rolling miles for training going to the gym or swimming laps and climbing rock walls.

Yes I know there is only seven days in the week, but this is how I make sure I never go back to being the morbidly obese blimp below.

As I watch TV there is a 700lb woman calling herself a size activist, she is actually arguing there is nothing wrong with her size and that she believes scientists one day will discover that the morbidly obese are just descended from a different tribe of cave men?

The next woman says she is sick and tired of skinny bitches saying it’s easy she tries and can’t lose weight, when she was asked to keep a food diary one day alone read like this

MONDAY-  Breakfast ½ lb fried bacon, four fried eggs cheesy grits and 4 pieces of toast with butter and three serves of hash browns washed down with 1 quart of diet coke.

                    Mid Morning – smoothie with 2 donuts

                    Lunch-   2 double beef whoppers with cheese a 32 oz coke 2 orders of fries and1chili dog and chocolate Sunday

                    Mid afternoon- A large pack of sour cream and chive chips  and 1 32 oz milk shake

                   Dinner- 1 bucket of KFC classic and 1 tub of Ben and jerry’s

                  Snack in front of TV – large cheesy nachos plate with guacamole and three cheeses and a large pack of Tostitos and a beer

The other 6 days were like that, she said she didn’t like the gym because  they told her what to do and they didn’t let her eat her food and it made her tired?

 Now as you can see by the picture above I know what it is like to be over 500lbs, I was 525lbs on April 17th 2009.

My food diary is this

Breakfast- 1 cup of espresso 1 large glass of water, 1 piece of homemade toast with 6-8 mushrooms chopped and grilled 2 vegan sausages and 1 small Roma tomato cut in half and grilled.

MID MORNING-1 large glass of water, fruit or a couple of cookies or 1 piece of vegan slice.

Lunch-  a small serve of last night’s dinner normally pasta or steamed rice with stir fry or a veggie burger plus a cup of espresso plus 1 glass of water.

Mid afternoon- 1 glass of water, fruit

Dinner- quinoa with grilled vegetables,   mixed fruit and a triple espresso and water

On top of this diet I have

Monday- as rest day,

Tuesdays- Rockwall climbing, 5 miles in my wheelchair,

 Wednesday- morning 2miles to the gym for 1 hour then across the road to the pool 100 laps then 2 miles home

Thursday- 2miles to the gym 1 hour in the gm across the road to the pool for 100 laps then 2 miles home then 4pm catch the 7 train to queens borough plaza then the Q to Atlantic and pacific then roll 8 blocks to Brooklyn boulders then adaptive climbing for 3 hours then the reverse trip home.

Friday- 3-5 miles in the morning, Then 2 miles to the gym then across the road for 100 laps in the pool then 2 miles home.

Saturday& Sunday –competing in the rockaway summer series, in either10 mile, 15 mile 22 mile half marathon or full marathon.

On top of all the above, my friends from swimming and rock wall climbing with NYC adaptive climbing can attest to I live with constant seizures that occur quite often during exercise, I rest and recover then keep going post seizure.

And to the woman who said she didn’t like gyms because  they made her tired, hell yes I get tired and I do it all from a wheelchair but I weigh 255lbs. Three years after the morbidly obese picture above (by the way I’m filling a three seater poolside sofa in that pic) have cured my  type 2 diabetes and taken my cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure from near fatal levels to normal. You know what, I can’t imagine ever poisoning my body with the crap you eat and even if I ever had exercise teaches you respect, respect for yourself, respect for the environment, respect for those who depend on you .

The size activist, get over yourself. If that tribe ever existed they died out you can’t hunt when your ass slows you down so much the hunted turns on you.

But seriously If you put more bullshit in your body and soul then own it Excuses kill like the crap you’re poisoning your body with Live right and live long, if the closest you come to sport is selecting buy on ESPN but you’ll run to burger king because your supersize coupon runs out at midnight you need help.

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

2 thoughts on “When the disabled and otherwise abled can lose weight and exercise, why do the able make excuses?”

  1. A lot of people are obese because of mental health issues, and the people you mention above may have undiagnosed mental health issues. Since I was diagnosed I have put on weight and my BMA has gone from 22 to 28, often when I am anxious or feeling low I eat chocolate or cheese to cheer myself up. I am trying to stop this but it is difficult when I am trying to calm myself down or cheer myself up when I am feeling low and self-hating.

    1. Hi richard lets get one thing straight anyone who gets that large has mental helath issues, were not talking about BMI’S of 28 mine was 80 the 700lb womans has to be close to 100. I applaud you for speaking out there is so much shame put on the mentally ill by society and that is wrong go to health shops and browse healthy snacks until you find one you like and swap out the crap for something healthy I got myself a depression friend, someone who promised to hang out when i was down and to be a concious if you can cook find a recipe for healthy muffins put them in the freezer one to a bag the trick to freezing is by the time the defrost your over the temptation and if you have 1 you won’t wait another 2 hours for the second. Keep in touch, if you need that friend to be me Im here for you. Write me when your down, read my blog if it makes you angry you can’t be down and hyper angry at the same time blessed be my friend

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