It matters Not That I Have Wheels And Roll In This Life, For In The Next Life I Shall Have Wings And Fly!

Every Now and Again People Surprise You

This is Ella writing…

Last week, while on her way to Brooklyn Boulders for our usual evening of Rock Climbing, Mia had an outright rude run in with a token booth worker at our Main Street, Flushing 7 Train station. Like everyone else, Mia asked to purchase a $4.50 Metrocard and the women inside said no and that she would have to buy it from the machine. When asking for some assistance with the machine, as is suggested by the MTA site, the rude women in the booth made some wise crack and let Mia is for free because she was too lazy and too unwilling to do her job.

Today, as Mia made her way into the same station on her way to the same date at Brooklyn Boulders, she encountered the same women. Holding her breathe and preparing for what could have been another unpleasant incident, Mia was surprised to find the women was not only nice but went out of her way to acknowledge her previously shitty behavior and actually APOLOGIZED for it.

Goes to show that every once in a while, someone who has done wrong can go out of their way to make it right.

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