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Disability Rights Group Sues Two Warners Shows Over Studios’ Wheelchair Access

Link to Original Story & View Actual Court Documents Go HERE:

By THE DEADLINE TEAM Tuesday June 12, 2012 @ 6:50pm PDT

The Disability Rights Legal Center today filed separate lawsuits against Time Warner Entertainment’s Conan and Warner Bros Television Distribution’s Dr Drew’s Lifechangers claiming that the shows failed to accommodate an audience member in a wheelchair. In the suits filed today in Los Angeles, plaintiff Emmanuel Ramirez said he was denied access to both tapings last year, with Lifechangers refusing him tickets outright because the show’s Glendale, CA-based Victory Studios “isn’t wheelchair accessible”, according to the suit. Conan tapes at Warner Bros Studios in Burbank. The lawsuits assert claims under the Americans With Disabilities Act and related California civil rights laws, and seek policy changes, the removal of barriers, and damages “so that Mr. Ramirez and other people with disabilities can have the opportunity to participate in television show audiences”, the DRLC said today. Warner Bros had no official comment.

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