It matters Not That I Have Wheels And Roll In This Life, For In The Next Life I Shall Have Wings And Fly!

A Doctor Who Specializes in Disabilities But a Wheelchair Can’t Get Through His Door

Today I had to accompany My other half Ella to a orthopedic specialist, for a consult and X-ray for her twisted ankle from her fall on saturday to make sure there was no break.

Now orthopaedic specialists see people with everything from clean breaks, to spinal injuries. Many people who use their services are disabled with diagnosis such as para or quadraplegia.

So with your Income based in the world of disabiity, wouldn’t it make sense that a wheelchair could actually fit through the consult room door? The pic below was taken as the nurse ushered us in to speak the doctor,  the doctor that is  who specialises in spinal injuries yet the door was 2 inches too narrow on either side for a standard adult wheelchair to enter.

 We did our due diligence and rang before coming and asked if they were wheelchair accessible they said of course they were, their idea of accessibility was a 9ft square waiting room so full of chairs that when I entered the front of my chair touched the people sitting on one wall and there was barely 12 inches left to the people on the other wall. To enter and leave the practice people had to either stand up, or go out in the hall. Well doc I guess you get a lot of crawl ins and walk ins, because a roll in is out of the question.

Ever heard of a federal law called The Americans With disabilities act?

By the way this non compliant medical practice, That was clearly in breach of a federal law was in a federally funded state run hospital?

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