If You’re Not There for My Struggle don’t Bother Showing up for My Success!

When families throw away children, they lose the right to make statements like “I’m you’re parent and you will respect me!” The Trevor project and other teen suicide advocacy groups around the world would be out of business if parents pulled their heads out of their religiously pompous ranting asses and remembered Jesus is some imaginary figure you can’t see who may have or may not have lived 2,000 years ago and might have wrote a best seller.

You’re child, however, is the flesh of your flesh, They came out perfect, just as they were born. Just because your child finally acts in the brave, intelligent, powerful manner you raised them to be by coming out, you throw them away like the wrapping on a cheap Christmas present.

When that child was born, you bored the crap out of everyone within a hundred miles, with a Jacobs ladder of photos telling them it had your wife’s eyes your nose and it’s grandfathers’ chin. So why be shocked 16 years later when you discover it has a geniuses brain, its own morals and the heart of a hero willing to stand against all comers to be the truthful openly gay human they were born to be?

Were you a hypocritical liar when they were born? When you promised you would always be there? Or are you just a hypocrite now?

Well parents the only person who hurt them to the point where they needed that parent willing to kill for them is you, The same one who said they were always going to be there for them. As you were changing the locks your child was changing the world, While you take their pictures off the wall they are leading their community by being there for others with hate filled parents like you.

They grew to be healers of children and writers of laws that would make the throwing away of children a crime.

Your children were always perfect, you were just too bigoted to see their excellence.

To the children, who like me, were thrown away it gets better it really does, Not like a reality star making a youtube gets better. More like a bush girl from Outback, South Australia that has traveled the world and now is an author and journalist with a lesbian wife of 14 years and lives in NYC, kind of get better.

As the sound of your parents screaming dies down in the background, the roar you hear building is the roar of applause and astonishment in your future. So keep your back to the hate and your face to the love and become the great human you were born to be, OUT LOUD AND PROUD.

The disability is in their minds, not your life!