When Loved ones Die and the Service isn’t Wheelchair Accessible That’s the Worst So I’ll say My Farewell Here

When Momma died in 2007 I was on the downhill slide with my disability but  I walked on two sticks very tentatively and  I made it with help up the stairs into the funeral home. When poppa’s Brother Moise died I was wheelchair bound, and the subway stop closest the synagogue was 50 feet in the air and had no elevator so my wife went and I never got to say goodbye.

Momma was one of 5 sisters and she had a brother, they were all good people and one by one they are going there are two left and that is it.  If you have a car you can get there, but this is New York most don’t drive and flushing to Brighton beach is almost a 200 dollar round trip in a car service.

As I wrote in My piece yesterday so many of us are alienated from our families for one reason or another, so for those of us who luck out with amazing in-laws or they actually have family who care once you get past a certain age loved ones dying start to becomes a regular occurrence, and when you’re in a wheelchair the hurt is greater when you can’t say goodbye. My mother in-law Rita was one of a kind, she was a broad in the best sense of the word a gutsy hard working hard living and loving old broad, and she was stolen by the universe way too damn soon her kind of hutzpah is what the world needs right now to survive.  Maya her sister who was inflicted with a hump at an early age despite that disfiguring ailment had momma’s hutzpah, her whole family did, not all of them allowed it to flourish like momma and Maya but it’s there. Depending on their ranking in the age range they either survived the Nazi’s  and the holocaust, or were born shortly after the war but the stain of that terror touched them all none the less they lost so many  and it seemed to create an unspoken pact to take life by the balls and live it till it was worn out.

 Well it seems for the beautiful bent over Maya it wore out between 5am and 7 am this morning, Shalom tuza* spiets, you will join the rest of the people we shall never forget, you fought every day of your life to live it now rest.

*tuza-russian for aunt, spiets -russian for sleep