It matters Not That I Have Wheels And Roll In This Life, For In The Next Life I Shall Have Wings And Fly!

I Want to Lose Weight, I Do But I’m Too Big /Sick/ Disabled So I Don’t Have to Exercise

Yes I used to think that too, but my mum  when she was dying Of Non- Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Showed me what strength and effort was,  so with  her as my hero and guardian angel I got off my arse metaphorically at least seeing as my ample derriere  had,  and always will have wheels under it .With a wheelchair making my ass look big running ,jogging, jumping jacks and high jump are out of the question, But an exercise expert pointed out that if done right the upper body movement of pushing a wheelchair at speed is a sit up ,a crunch,

 and pushing yourself up an  incredibly steep hill has the same core effect as  bench pressing tri-cep curls and preacher curls all rolled  into one.

So to my extremely morbidly obese disabled friends, who have been using your disability as a crutch get your hands off your crutch back on your wheels and start pushing your ass NOW.

My regular readers know my success story and it’s a book that will never be finished, because diets are no good, the only way to get healthy and stay there is to get smart change your life and stay there


The same as the competent management of our disabilities is an ever changing ever developing story, so is weight loss and gaining health, because apart from your disability there is no reason the rest of you can’t be dangerously healthy.

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  1. elfwench

    I found this link on Facebook on the Abilities Expo page. I have cerebellar ataxia and I’m about 30-40 lbs overweight. Thank you for the inspiration. I am just starting to use a wheelchair and I find it hard to push up hills (indoors is easy, outdoors not so much. It’s almost easier to get out and use it as a walker. :) But, eventually in the not too distant future I’ll be in that chair full time. I guess no time like the present to go work on those skills.

    April 4, 2012 at 1:58 am

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