The Secrets The Mirror Kept, A Novel By Mia G Vayner – An Iconic Australian Journalist Gives her Opinion.

When I was growing up, in my hometown of Adelaide, South Australia, the population from housewives to businessman got their opinion of who’s who and what’s what, what was ludicrous from only one source if they knew what was good for them. That source was the now iconic journalist and political columnist – Samela Harris.

It doesn’t matter in which of her columns throughout her career that you developed your opinion, for as she grew as a journalist so did the depth of her work. And it soon became apparent this was not a girl who would write about dog shows and flower arranging  and  run away barefoot and pregnant with a young farmer from the bush to be a good wife. Samela didn’t just knock politely on the glass ceiling of the publishing game she blew it to hell. She pushed through and showed the boys she was a threat to them and their boy’s only cigar club.

I, unlike many, am honoured to not only meet my inspiration and the person who motivated me to rock the world, but over the last 3 decades come to call her friend. When she first took my book to read she made it clear if it was not worth publishing she would not be kind, but if it was she would let me know. The following is her forward to my book I hope you find something in it for you, and at the same time I hope you never lived one minute of the lives depicted.

Thank you Mia G Vayner, Author



                                                     A Forward by Samela Harris

Mills and Boon meets Law and Order Domestic Violence. Mia G. Vayner’s foray into fiction is borne of a painful past. As much as it is a narrative and perhaps a catharsis, it also is an urgent message.

Blending the classic style of the historical novel with the new vogue of the family history, she has traced the pattern of domestic violence back through the generations. The bullies and the bullied. The ogres and the afraid. She does not shy from the grim.

She makes the reader aware that, behind the comfortable brick veneer of suburbia, there may dwell dark secrets and deeply dysfunctional tribes. The ostensibly happy family often may be concealing disturbed siblings and sexual perversity. And not just today. Vayner’s thesis is that domestic violence and sexual abuse run down family lines like cancerous genes. The larger the family, the more widespread the collateral damage – the wounded souls who can never be free of the past.

The narrative is like a trumpet vine – it’s tendrils ever-growing and far-reaching. There are many people in this family and it keeps growing and spreading out as each sibling and generation seeks some sort of success or happiness. Such resolution is not part of this world, however. The Prices are battlers, their potential stunted by parental shortcomings and, particularly, a matriarch who cannot or will not recognise child abuse.

Vayner’s account comes as a cautionary tale – a warning to pause and consider the whys of antisocial behaviour, that they are often open wounds in disguise. And when we come across people who have adopted unconventional skins, people such as Mia, we should recognise those new incarnations as conscious disassociations with bitter backgrounds.

Even so, and no matter how extreme those experiences have been and how convoluted and difficult the family tree, the thread of love and care carries on. And this too, it is a strong message in Vayner’s tale. That she is now a Buddhist has given her a new window on retrospect. She reaches out with a strong sense of the compassion and seeks to share the understanding – for it will make better and more tolerant people of us all.

– Samela Harris

Senior Journalist and Commentator, Adelaide Advertiser

The Secrets the Mirror Kept can be purchased by going to

Hard Copies, personalized and number first editions can also be ordered by contacting me here. All monies from the limited edition will go to charities supported by Mia G Vayner

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