The treatment Of The Disabled in Public Hospitals

I have a severe form of Epilepsy as part of my disabilities and even though I’m on high levels of anti convulsant medication I’m still having daily seizures,so tomorrow I am being Admitted to Beth Israel Hospital in New York city for exstensive neurological testing.

Like most life long Epileptics i have spent thousands of hours during my life in hospitals and neuro labs The trouble is since taking control of my own care as a adult some 30 years ago I, have never really found a totally competent hospital.

If I am Jewish  or Islamic ,or blind , or I Eat kosher or Halal every Hospital bends over backwards to serve All my special needs and so they  should, dignity should be respected  whether religous or because of medical conditions , Then you get to the wheelchair bound  and it has been my experience your put into the bed, your chair has been pushed into the corner out of your reach and there you sit like a lump on a stump  hoping a wayward nurse might get lost and wonder in from time to time .

Well I have hopes for Beth israel, but never too high They obviously haven’t read my blog let alone the tone of my criticisms because they are letting me bring my smart phone and laptop.   If Beth Israel is the exception I shall scream it from the top of my key board and if they are the same as my previous experience I shall name them and flame them  so stay tuned to these pages and I’ll let you know .

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

5 thoughts on “The treatment Of The Disabled in Public Hospitals”

  1. When you included blind in your examples of situations where hospitals bend over backwards to serve all of a person’s special needs all I could think was “if they only knew?!”

    I’ve been blind and had CP since birth then in 2004 became a quadriplegic after a spinal cord injury. I’ve been in a rehab centre for over 120 days because of muscle spasms that are uncontrollable. I have safely gotten around for the past 7 yrs with a wheelchair and guide/service dogs, but since I’ve been here, although it’s safe and I have proven I am capable by surviving the past 7 yrs I am not allowed to have my guide/service dog here to work and not allowed to use any wheelchair outside of my room. In fact I am not allowed in my own because it tips over (it’s lightweight and not set up to handle the spasms), I am not allowed to bring in a wheelchair that is safe and the only option I am given is to use one of the rehab’s wheelchairs that doesn’t fit properly, and that I am unable to move on my own. The only way I am allowed to leave the room is if someone pushes me.

    All of the other patients are given a wheelchair as soon as they come in and are allowed to move around freely as soon as they sit in it with absolutely no “training”, yet I have more experience than every other patient combined and I am forced to stay in bed or sit next to my bed unable to move or reach anything while illegally being separated from my guide/service dog for over 120 days with absolutely no therapies because the OT doesn’t know anything about guide or service dogs, blindness or adding any type of wheelchair to the situation and “doesn’t have the expertise” to allow me to do something I have done for the past 7 yrs. I am not allowed to show her or anyone else what I am able to do so the decision can be based on fact instead of her discriminatory ignorant opinion and instead it is automatically considered “too dangerous” because of her lack of understanding. If someone “doesn’t have the expertise” to know if something is dangerous or not, how can they say it is dangerous?!

    1. Dear writer thankyou for your honest and heart felt reply,finally I am getting people yelling back at the universe on my page I ask your permission to reprint your story as part of an article to show the world that the hospital system is not waving it’s drowning in it’s own ineptness If you could let me know what part of the world so I could write with the seriousness and acuracy you deserve and once again thankyou for your story I eagerly await your reply.

      1. Your welcome (sorry it turned into a bit of a rant…) and thank you for putting all of the time and effort into this blog! You do have permission to reprint my comment (my blog has more information if you would like to know more. It’s the link I used when writing the comment.) Feel free to use any of the information from there also.

        I am in Canada, and I would like to stress that the whole Canadian healthcare system isn’t this horrible. After my SCI I was living in another province and the healthcare I received there (although there were a few hic-ups along the way like everywhere else) was so much further ahead of what I am getting here in Newfoundland. In fact, when I was in Nova Scotia, they worked with me to work with my guide dog and the wheelchair I needed even though they didn’t do it before. They didn’t hesitate to jump right in an adapt things as needed.

  2. Never apologise for ranting, ranting by me took one angry dyke with wheels under her ass screaming at the universe via the internet to a voice now read by over 17,000 readers and a network of help that includes the attorney general. I know social medecine is good I was born in Australia I have had a quick look at your blog and it looks great, I will be writing this afternoon, today is visit poppa day so off I roll with the love of my life .please stay in touch and for gods sake keep ranting Then I won’t feel like the solo in front of the Choir

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