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You Can Catch a DC cab, but Cabs in DC Haven’t Caught Up with the 21st Century

 D.C. Cab Agency’s Disservice to People with Disabilities
 Published: June 24 reposted from The Washington Post

On Wednesday, my testimony before the D.C. Taxicab Commission was interrupted when the commission had two media representatives arrested for taking pictures, as noted in the June 24 editorial “Cabs, cops and cuffs.” I was testifying because cabs consistently refuse to pick me up because I am blind and use a service dog.

As a busy professional, I take six to 10 cabs weekly for work. Good Samaritans often help me hail cabs, only to tell me that an empty cab slowed down, saw me and my dog, and kept right on going.

0 Not all D.C. cab drivers violate the law; many go out of their way to offer me assistance. The problem is that the taxicab commission does not enforce the law. Also, the law says I do not have to pay extra for a service animal, yet cab drivers routinely try to charge me.

People with disabilities have been complaining about these practices for years. However, it seems the commission is too busy preventing the media from covering its meetings to bother enforcing the law. The time has come for the commission to recognize the negative impact its silence has on many of D.C.’s residents and tourists.

Jim Dickson, Washington

The writer is vice president of organizing and civic engagement for the American Association of People With Disabilities

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