Yes folks I’m the first to admit that my grammar sucks and without my gorgoeus main squeeze, who is not only hot but educated, the scary thoughts in my head and the anger in my heart would never make it to the page in any legible form. However, the title is intended. In the childrens classic Dr. Dolittle had the gift of talking to the animals and they to him. We the disabled are lucky on any day ending in y to gain the presence of a doctor who sees us as anything other than a lab experiment to be pittied, forget about one who can talk our language and hear our cries. There are a few childhood neurologist James Manson and the wonderful GP of my youth the ever amazing B.J. Cormie.

The problem is the great doctors of yesteryear committed a terrible offence for which we will suffer the rest of our lives. They cared! They were professional and they listened. Once when I was 12 in a ward at the Adelaide Childrens Hospital the short but powerful Dr Manson swept in with a gaggle of interns and asked them if you’re in a room with a patient who has sufferred and survived their entire life to this point, who is the expert in that room? Murmurs filled the room and he curtly silenced them with “they are you mumbling cerebral dwarfs. They are.  If you are ever to creep more than 3 inches from my learned coattails it will be because you realize that the greatest text book on any illness is the patient in front of you.”

Today when I am in a doctors room I’m talked about, talked over and around, but very little, if ever actually to. I’m treated more like their poor disabled pet than a human being that they swore an oath to help. Speaking of which, can someone let me know when the hypocratic oath became the hip pocket oath and the first rule changed from “first do no harm”  to “first do nothing without proof of payment?”

When this writer arrived back from New York to her native Australia the first thing she who must be obeyed did was arrange a GP who then made a Neuro appointment for a overnight EEG. The doctor stuffed up the booking after 4 months of abuse, sharp tongued secretaries and being treated like the village idiot the doctor was finally shown the error of his ways. Did he apologise? Did he immediately arrange the correct test? Hell no! He spat the dummy & cancelled all treatment and once again I’m on a line so long you’d think it was being sniffed through a hundred dollar bill.

Here’s the problem doc, appointments used to be about us now they’re about your mortgages. They used to be as long as needed, now they’re about as long as it takes to sign the medicare slip for your payment. We used to get blood pressure and temperature taken now its just our money.  If the government is whining about the ever growing bill to care for Australia’s disabled perhaps spend a little time on the ever growing membership of medicos to golf clubs and send them back to work. Maybe then some of us, in a millenium yet to come on a day not ending in y, might stand a chance of recovery but until that day I’m off to get a dozen scripts filled so the drug rep can send my docotor to Fiji with the profits. 

We’re humans, we’re your patients, the car in the driveway and the house on the hill wouldn’t be there without us. Start thinking of us as people who need you rather than the funds for the second story and the money for your retirement.

Respect our Existence or Expect our Resistence!

Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

2 thoughts on “DOCTOR DOES LITTLE!!!”

  1. I have been forced to spend over 120 days in bed with no therapies at a rehab centre while the OT “emails and contacts the entire world” about a program that is specifically designed for training a blind person with a guide/service dog who is also a quadriplegic to use a power wheelchair. She doesn’t care that I have been safely working with guide/service dogs while using wheelchairs for the past 7 yrs, have 11 yrs of experience with both training and working with guide/service dogs and have an entire lifetime of experience (29 yrs) of being blind.

    Instead of using the “expertise” she has at her disposal right in the room (ME) she is looking in all the wrong areas outside while I am forced to just lay here and not have any say in what happens in my life. Because she can’t find the “expertise” she is looking for I don’t get the equipment I need to be independent again (I am here for muscle spasms that are not being treated) and the discharge plan involves 29 hrs a day of home care (4 extra hrs for an extra person) so someone will constantly be with me because she will not allow me to have the wheelchair I need to get around on my own like I have been doing since my spinal cord injury.

    When will the medical profession learn that their patients know their bodies best and are the experts concerning what they are capable of?!

    1. Thanks for replying ,when will they learn? when they have to live in a chair themselves.As a child I once had to be part of grand rounds, when the specialist(my neouro ) sweeps into the room with 50 interns in tow. My Neurologist was a small man almost a dwarf but he was the best in his field the queen had knighted him for services to medicine, he was a “sir” he asked the plebian interns”when we sweep into a ward like the gaggle we are with our medical degree blinding all in reach who is the expert in the room? well speak up” about a dozen trying to blow smoke up the maestro replied, you are sir , we are the doctors that is. “idiots he yelled when you come into the space of a patiennt, a human someone who is trusting you and they have lived with the ailment sice birth they are the expert in their case. Listen young baby medicos , absorb learn and always ,for godsake LISTEN and just perhaps your degree may end up as something more than exspensive shiny toilet paper and you might just have some semblance of a future”His name was Sir James mason he was a knight of the realm and professor of the royal college of Neurosurgeos ad most all a human a compassionate human.

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