Home Assist or Home Invasion????

cement poured over un even ground no level base , no rebar and two eeks later its shifting
third rate work for the second rate citizens

If your home late at night and the door is kicked in by angry men who take your money, mess up your house and leave you feeling unsafe/scared it’s called a home invasion and the perpetrators are called criminals.

If your in the state of Queensland, Australia and it happens your probably disabled and a group called Home Assist where sent to build ramps or disabled aides at your house. The picture above shows poorly mixed, do it yourself craft cement poured  over wet ground only 2 weeks post Nambour floods. The ground was left completely uneven with weeds and patches of grass left growing. No levelling and no levelled out sand and gravel base and definitely no rebar. The cement was poured next to a forty year old pre-existing slab with no preparation so the two slabs will join together.

Before being disabled, I was a chef and still am, just can’t work. However, I am also the child, quite proudly, of one of the finest carpenters and licensed builders ever to strap on a tool built and like most kids of builders have done my time as his labourer. I have poured and labored to help pour thousands of meters of cement for both residential and commercial builds. I have seen it prepared and poured correctly thousands of time and unfortunately I have seen it done horribly wrong.. this time it fell into the later category.

The day they came to build, because of my knowledge, I pushed myself to the door to watch what I assumed would be a craftsmen at work. Within 5 minutes it was evident I wouldn’t let this guy pour the slab for a barbie doll house let alone something as important as disabled ramps. The ramp has to hold me in my wheelchair and my beloved spouse several times a day. I asked about the corner cutting and was told “if your going to whinge I can fuck off and you don’t get the ramps .” After that comment, I let him cool down, but as the shoddy workmanship continued, I had to ask many questions which were either met with quiet disdane or bogus answers which showed their willingness to cut corners. When I called his supervisor I was told “we do hundreds every year and besides this guys a Christian so he must be honest.” Bernie Madoff was a Jew, but he still robbed the collection plate of half the synagogues in the world? Go figure. The head of the organization came out and inspected the job and when was asked if he needed permit he said nah, we do small jobs so we fly under the radar. He said something about it being a small job and therefore didn’t require all the bells the whistles that I had complained about. What he calls bells and whistles any quality builder or experienced cement professional just calls doing it right.

So on day 2 when the wooden turn around was being installed, I asked how it would be attached. Bolted? Maybe glued? To which a reply was given “na mate she’ll be right, we just sit it on top. It shouldn’t move too much.” Really a 300lb, person with a carer weighing 160, a chair weighing 40lbs, say groceries and bags added to daily tropical rains they were just going to lean it on top? Like hell. I spat the dummy and after 3 hours, a drill and masonry bolts appeared along with thankfully a actual caring craftsman who although was contracted to Home Assist was disgusted by what he saw when he inspected the cement slab and decided that at least he could do his best to make the best of a bad job. 

Well just under a week later and surprise the Sunshine Coast has no sunshine, instead torrential rain and the dirt under the slab is washing away by the minute. My spouses whole hand can now fit into the cavity and its still growing. We ring home assist their reply, (yes and he was screaming) “IF YOU TELL ANYONE OR RING HERE EVER AGAIN WE WILL COME AROUND WHILE YOUR NOT HOME AND TAKE BACK THE RAMPS, THEN HOW WILL YOU GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE NOW SHUT UP AND GO AWAY”  Their solution was for me to kick some dirt back under the slab. Really???? If I could kick, I wouldn’t need chair and wouldn’t have needed them.

Here’s the problem Mr Home Assist, we are not second rate citizens to be handed off third rate excuses for a builder so you can keep your government grants and continue to pat yourself on the back. You may have built 20,000 ramps in over a decade but how many were done for people so severely disabled that you could have been building a ski jump and they would not have known the difference. That is what conmen count on, the weak and the feeble to hand over money and you do the bare minimium and are never seen again. Mr. Home Assist told me if anything ever went wrong with my ramp he would be back and then once it was done, I was told they were done with me and to never call again. Surely not a first!

How dare you? Really, how dare you prey upon the disabled of Queensland under the guise of a saviour. When so many great, hard working groups struggle for every budget dollar they get and are thankful, you get paid for quality and all you dish up is the emperors new clothes. This customer knows the difference and could smell you coming so don’t ever come back and I will make it my personal goal to expose you to whatever goverment authority hands you the cash.


Author: disabledaccessdenied

I am a disabled woman who through no fault of my own has wheels under my ass. I rely on the decency and common sense of local, state and federal goverments, as well as the retail community to abide by the disabled access laws and provide adequate ramps, disabled toilets, and not use them as store rooms or broom closets. This blog exists to find the offenders and out them, inform them, and report them if necessary and shame them into doing the right thing when all else fails.

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