An ‘ex-gay’ pastor has been arrested over accusations that he sexually assaulted a teenage boy.

As my readers know I am not a member of the christian Faith but I can go toe to wheel with any christian qouting verse and chapter of all versions of the bible.
There is a verse in the bible that goes something like ” beware of those who come in the last days in my name for I know them not”
This pervert screams he is a man of god so loud the children he molests screaming god no can’t be heard.

Duane Youngblood, who is a pastor at the Higher Call World Outreach Church in Pittsburgh, in 2006 wrote a book titled: “Freedom From Homosexuality: No Longer Living The Lie”
However, according to CBS, he has been arrested, after allegedly assaulting a teenage boy dozens of times between 2009 and 2011.
The victim, who is now 21, told police he was assaulted over a period of two and a half years, while Youngblood was supposed to be counselling him in the church.
According to the complaint, during the victim’s first counselling session, when he was 16, Youngblood took him to a back room and asked him to pull his trousers down, before touching him inappropriately.
Across 30 to 40 counselling sessions, the victim claims that abuse took place in around 25 of them.
The complaint says that after one incident, Youngblood told the victim: “We are not going to speak about this.”
The complaint also says that Youngblood showed a pornographic video to the victim on his computer, and asked him if he liked it.
Youngblood was previously sentenced to one year of intermediate punishment and seven years’ probation in 2006, after he was accused of molesting a 15-year-old boy.

You say I attract trouble, I say what happened that so many think the disabled are fair game?

Noone who knows me will argue with the next statement, “I am a hot head I can’t stand but I don’t stand for bullshit” You can, to use the sweet American term “cuss” me out all day up hill and down dale but where I come from people have manners
When I grew up and when my son was brought, up you stepped aside for the aged, the pregnant and the disabled, you said please and thankyou and excuse me.
Yesterday Ella and I decided we needed new towels and sheets so we have a major shopping mall near us, like a small westfield. So we rolled about 20 blocks to get there.
As we got a block from the entrance we had to travel under a bridge, now the local county is refurbishing the underside so half the side walk is taken by construction fence, the amount left is so narrow if I go fast my wheels drop into the gutter so it is slowly slowly going.
As we got to the brick wall that is the start of the bridge the sidewalk narrows from 8 feet to barely 30 inches ( my chairs width) As we closed on the start of the narrow section with less than 12 inches between my chair and the wall a middle aged Chinese guy without saying a word stepped over my lap and my wheels coming so close to my thigh I would swear in a court of law he wasn’t wearing underwear because I felt the goods drag across my thigh!

By the time I said it he was ten feet in front, he turned and in a very heavy Asian accent started screaming something about “fuck you you no say thing you motherfucker fuck you shut the fuck up”
Stunned at the f-bomb tirade I said out loud “WOW WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT” so from then on he spent the rest of the 100 or so feet under the bridge and the 50 yards from the bridge to the crosswalk directly before the entrance to call me everything he could that had the word fuck or mother fucker in it.
As fate would have it we arrived at the police and security controlled crosswalk at the same time, but with three or four people between us. The whole time he kept up the f-bomb tirade, but it all changed as we started to cross the crosswalk, he realizing he couldn’t scare me started in on Ella he called her first a fucking whore stunned I said “ what the fuck did you say?” his reply “fuck you and your fucking slut” Well as my Adelaide friends can tell you, when we grew up you can f-bomb us all day but you insult our mom our sisters our wives or any other female member of the clan and you will apologize.
Whenever I cross any cross walk to get up the other side I have to speed up to make it up the ramp in one go, so as I did this he stopped on the other side continuing to call Ella disgusting names. I spun to face him and screamed “you called my wife what?” Before I could prepare he punched me with both hands in the chest and my chair flipped backwards and my head smacked the ground.
Well it happened infront of two licenced security guys one an off duty NYPD officer, he was screaming he did nothing wrong security told him to shut up.
The police arrived and he was charged with felony 1st grade assault and damage to property ( yes my poor chair).

I posted a brief account on face book an old high school friend whom I love dearly comented and another woman made a comment to the effect “you attract crazies” the comment annoyed me.
Why did it annoy me? Yes in the last 6 months I have been hit by a hit and run driver and now this. On the surface I attract crazies, but if we give into that we are giving into the real problem. That problem is we have a generation of people that have drunk the koolaid and think manners are a waste of time, and respect was just the bridge to an Aretha franklin song.
Parents these days allow the household electronics to raise their children, they outsource everything they can to after school activities and the closest kids get these days to playing out side after school is playing Farmville on their computer or smart phone.
There is no family module to tell the children that respect is necessary, that antisocial behavior such as described above should never be tolerated. It’s not just the kids, and I’m sorry you can call me racist but there is a link missing in the Asian immigrant community in New York.
I have lived in flushing, Queens New York for 9 years, 90% of my neighborhood are Korean or Chinese. No matter how nice you are, no matter how hard you try they never speak to non Asians. They never say excuse me, they never say sorry, they push past you roughly and they act like the fool above. Their children are left to run around stores they are never told to stop, they will run up and deliberately scream in my service dogs face or throw objects at him and the parents laugh. If you dare say as I had to yesterday ”please keep your child away from my dog “you get abused. No I am not exaggerating, no I am not being racist, don’t believe me? come visit and walk a little behind me.
They do not like to even see the disabled on the street, I have had them scream at me “I shouldn’t have to see ugly disabled you should stay home”.
The really sad thing Is I have been to their native lands and in those countries they are polite, it seems when they landed at jfk and were asked “anything to declare” they said yes I am American now I will be rude obstinant and uncaring. They turned the American dream into the American nightmare for anyone not of their race.
I chose to live here because of my experiences in their countries, I am Buddhist I live on Asian food and try my hardest to be a good neighbor, sadly it is truly a one sided affair .
So to my Aussie friend no I don’t attract crazies, society has fallen so far that people think so little of anyone other than themselves that they would sink morally low enough to condone attacks on the disabled and elderly. To blame the disabled victim is as equally heinous as telling a woman she got raped because of her mini skirt.
It’s not just America it is the entire modern world, wake up parents stop phoning it in stop allowing youtube and Instagram to shape the future of your children, and to my immigrant neighbors leave your manners in your luggage and unpack them respectfully you need them here just like you need them back home.

Wheelchair user forced to crawl up 2 flights of stairs at subway station

Another adventure on NYC thanks to how unpredictable our subway system is here, myself, my partner and my service dog were told that the subway at Queensboro Plaza that we normally take into Manhattan was not running, but of course that wasn’t revealed until we got there. We were assured that there would be a fully wheelchair accessible trip if we stayed on the 7 train to Grand Central and then took the 4 to Union Sq. Sure we got to Union Square ok but then found there were no elevators from the platform to where the elevators to the street level existed. nice! So off I went, with Ella carrying my chair and walking the service dog… I pushed myself by my arms up two sets of stairs.

Congrats MTA


When I was a small child I used to watch the fighting in Vietnam knowing I had family members over there and I asked my mom “WHY DOESN’T SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING?”
When My brother came into my bed every night and raped me I screamed into the darkness of my mind “WHY DOESN’T SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING?” My question was never answered
When the PLO killed the Israeli Olympic team I again asked myself why doesn’t somebody do something?
As the years went on and I grew and had a family, a divorce and came out so many times when doctors, lawyers wives and family did wrong to me and to the world when world Leaders committed genocide when countries turned inward on each other and when my son was born seriously disabled and spent months in a nicu humidicrib I screamed at the universe
Many years went by and one day I found myself disabled and sentenced to life in a chair so I started a blog,yes the one you’re reading. Oneday I asked a friend, a devout Buddhist who has devoted his life to the Buddhas teachings what he thought about my writing, and in a brogue Scottish accent he breathed and said “WELL MY FRIEND IF YOU MUST HAVE A PITY PARTY AT LEAST GET IT FUCKING CATERED!”
I thought for a few days “how dare he, how unBuddhist what does he know?”

I eventually realized all these years I had screamed “FOR GODSAKE WHY DOESN’T SOMEBODY BLOODY WELL DO SOMETHING?”

This realization that I was the somebody, that I had been screaming for for so long led to other realisations.
For years since my world with my family fell apart I had kept my whole world in two army bags, so I could keep running from demons, from those who ruined my life, from all that was terrifying. But the day I realized I was the somebody I screamed for, was the same day I realised the demons I ran from for over thirty years were in those bags, were in me.
And that day I realized you can’t run from who you are, you can’t run from those who hate ,from those who wish to do you harm you can’t scream
you simply one day must stop, breathe unpack the bags,the demons and all and yell instead
This won’t take the boogeyman from under the bed overnight, ,this won’t take the monsters from the darkness of my memory, this won’t take your demons or your monsters away in the same flash as they jump into your dreams every night.
But if we all stop running today, if we all stand together and if we all yell to the universe I AM THE SOMEBODY AND I’M HERE TO DO SOMETHING AND STOP IT ALL HERE we just might get through it together.

If you live with PTSD, if you live with night terrors, with flashbacks if at three in the morning your molestor from decades ago is back on top, back inside you again please know you’re not alone. Every day you make it, you kick the monster. If you reach down and help the next survivor coming up behind you, we can push the monsters back into the dark and out from under the bed, out of your bed out of your head and soul and show those who came to do us harm there is nowhere in the world where they will be tolerated.
Nowhere where monsters can hide because my strength, your strength, our combined strength will stand against it all and if we can stand together no one can stand against us.
Please be here tomorrow, to my friends in uniform thankyou for your service, you are not alone and you have people who care.

How to be invisible in a city of 8 million have a seizure and no one notices

As I told all of you last night this morning was my first session with a new therapist, it went well and I’ll see her again.
Going well with a PTSD specialist means I had a emotional stressed out morning recounting my demons so in a short a nightmare.
To reward myself I went to my favorite watering hole. For. French fries and a beer.The coffee shop restaurant union square seats 100 with another,50 at the bar. The only space available for Zeus and I was the very end of the bar right at the back by the kitchen halfway through my lunch my aura hit it was about 1.30ish next I know the manager is asking me to quiet Zeus he was tapping the people next to me and barking .they had it seemed turned their back,three bar staff and a dozen wait staff did nothing no one saw the woman in the chair convulsing or slumped. Twenty minutes past and nothing. I have been called many things in my life but invisible is not one of them ,but today in NYC in one of the trendiest glitterati hangouts where billy connoly has his own table I achieved invisibility.for all they knew I could have died ,I thought my morning was bad enough but this freaked me the fuck out. So here I am in union square, maybe you just walked past me? Who knows I am it seems after all the invisible woman !

Chelsea Eton hotel Toronto, great rooms ,great food great service and they treat the disabled wonderfully and oh yeah the security officer Gary saves a dying man all in the line of duty

When we checked into our Toronto hotel, the Chelsea eton the welcome was wonderful, the staff were courteous and the staff will save your life literally all in a days work.

When we arrived at our hotel we went down for a drink and noticed a well groomed exceedingly fit man in a good suit, but his style and body language screamed military, or cop and as we guessed he was a security officer for the hotel, his name was Gary Myers
Gary Myers like everyone else fell immediately in love with Zeus, and he asked me all bout how he helps me and he stated that he was proud of his hotels accessibility,he said they had made a great effort for many years to not only meet legal requirements but provide equality of joy ,equality of accessibility to all amenities for all guests irrelevant of their physical ability and he considered it his job to make sure the standard never dropped.

We have enjoyed staying here, the bars were great we made new friends and swam every day used the jacuzzi and something about the place told us we were safe.

Well this morning as we awaited our amazing wheelchair transport from dignity wheelchair transport, we noticed Gary and he asked for permission to pat Zeus and said good morning and told me how beautiful Zeus was and how lucky I was to have him. I agreed with gary about Zeus and he walked over some yards across the lobby and was talking to the head of concierge. Suddenly in my peripheral vision a tall man in his seventies or possibly even eighties suddenly fell almost as if standing at attention gripping his chest to the floor and stopped breathing.
Before he had even finished falling, in three large strides Gary cleared the distance taking off his suit coat as he did and he made a pillow of it for the man and immediately felt for pulse and checked for breath there was none. Gayr tore open the mans shirt and immediately began chest compressions while yelling for staff. The response to his yell was a well oiled obviously practiced movement of staff, oxygen appeared a defibrillator appeared and a first aid bag but Gary waited for none of this.
Gary was already giving chest compressions, yelling for the man to stay with him all the while commanding all to get into stride. The oxygen was placed on his face, the defibrillator was attached and the man was shocked, his pulse taken and again compressions continued. Gary never stopped even as the fire brigade arrived, He again commanded all , he gave the medics the mans history but never lost control, never stopped until an equally competent medical help took over. As teatment was transferred the man awoke,he was alive! he spoke and slowly he moved in front of my eyes as I awaited for a cab to meet my TV stars of my favorite show. But instead of a cab I met a real hero, I was crying as I watched and saw the man was alive, I saw Gary fist bump the concierge who had been his right hand man and calmly said good work.
My TV stars lost hero status right there, of course I like them but I had just seen a resurrection, A dead brought back to life right there in the lobby of the chelsea eton hotel toronto and when I told him I was honored to know him he coyly said”it’s my job but thank you” Gary put his jacket back on as his superior congratulated him, and all he could say was “sorry I broke my name badge” his boss laughed and said I think you just earned a new one! That he did mam, but I think superman is copyrighted but may I suggest decent caring human who goes above and beyond to save a life might be available? it should be because if you Wikipedia it It should say “see Gary Myers toronto”
What I saw today will never leave me, in his obviuos senior years I don’t know how long he has, or even how sick he is but today Gary gave him back what every time might have been snatched and to quote him “he was just doing his job”
We need more garys, we need more people who think decency caring and going above and beyond are all in a days work, but you can’t have this one the Chelsea Eaton hotel Toronto proudly claims him

Is that a bucket full of meat? No just delta loading the disabled

Yeah I know you’re all saying ” Mia delta?” I know they were assholes but Ella wanted to fly to Toronto and part of their settlement was copious free flights cash and skymiles so into the lions den again I rolled. Like all our previous flights it was planned better than the d -days landing on Omaha beach , but you know that old saying about the well laid plans of mice and men !
The air line said it was a full size jet with a roll on skywalk and to arrive by 6.30 as we would be preloaded at 7.10pm, it was even printed on the ticket.
So Ella and I loaded into the faithfull hernans limo and manhattan for JFK terminal two at 4.30pm arrived at 5.30 checked in rolled to gate 64 international departures handed the woman the afore mentioned ticket with the afore mentioned printed pre loading at 7.10pm on it and there it was that deer in the headlights ” were not delta ,were an associate we don’t load until ten minutes before at 8.20pm” came tumbling out of her mouth stunned I asked why , ” because we have to locate a lift for you” ? A lift I said? A lift she replied holding my temper I asked why ” because there are stairs” came the reply .
I showed her our booking information, full size jet, skywalk, early boarding, all guaranteed in writing ? Another deer in the headlights appeared” umm it’s a fifty seat Lear jet with ladder stairs that don’t reach the ground and you’re being loaded by forklift? Forklift???
I rolled away until 8.20pm at the allotted time we were escorted down a long, no make that bloody long dark back corridor the only thing missing was some yelling ” dead man walking” Finally we found our way out onto a dark wet Tarmac, and there was a Lear jet with a ladder that stopped three feet from the ground and a forklift with a hard hatted driver more at home in a storage facility and to make matters worse there on the front was something akin to a giant fiberglass ice cream scoop. Suddenly with Zeus on my lap a rude abusive teamsters wannabe was picking me up and pushing and groping me and shoving me into this scoop so small I had to bend almost to the waste. Then I hear an engine the forks are lifted to jet Height and he motors me across the Tarmac like so much fruit and veg at at a wholesale market until I thud against the side of the plane. Suddenly another set of hands rocks me back like a sack truck, and I am dragged to my seat in a twelve row Lear jet so small Zeus was on my lap my head touched the roof.
Whiskey foxtrot tango delta?
I am disabled not boxed taped and shrink wrapped, never again, never again.

Zeus blows my mind a bit more every day he is amazing

As a seizure alert dog Zeus is trained to respond to the first signs of any seizure activity, and when it comes to his PTSD training he trained to come close and provide comfort and companionship, and when I am sick or tired or going up a steep hill he steps in front of my chair and he helps pull me like a sled dog to the top.
He is trained to ignore other dogs, behave in restaurants and go to the curb when he needs to toilet. Most mothers I meet want to train their teenagers like Zeus.
The weird thing is for every trained response he has had months of training to achieve he received for seizure alert and PTSD, he has taught himself twice as many other behaviors and every day he helps me in a new way that no service dog trainer ever thought up.

For the last 4 years I have suffered with severely torn rotator cups, bi lateral osteo arthritis from waist to neck left shoulder to right shoulder on top of the spinal problems I already have. For the last month my rotator cups have been screaming in pain and it has got to the point where I can’t move my left arm without screaming I pain, today was no different.

Today I was sitting having coffee and when I leaned forward I grimaced, suddenly Zeus’s head popped up he sniffed the air , he ran over gently licked my arm and nudged it and slowly climbed up next to me and continued to gently touch my arm. Now we all know licking and nudging has no medical benefit, but what he was doing was a dog version of what a mother does for a child, he was kissing it better and cuddling to make it all better. The look in my boys eyes was as if he was feeling my pain it doesn’t get much better than that when it comes to a friend let alone a four legged one love you Zeus.

Hey bicyclists it is illegal for anyone over 12years of age to ride on a side walk for good reason

Yesterday after almost two weeks of being snowed in I finally broke free , ( sounds of Freddy mercury singing as I left the house) I have described to you the reader many times before if safety as a wheelchair user concerns you or your loved ones. Then go out on weekends try many cafés and restaurants until you find that one where the coffee is great the service even better and the people really care and make that you’re base. For me in New York that’s the bean on 12th and broadway for coffee and breakfast , the union square coffee shop restaurant (coffee shop is the actual name but it’s a restaurant and bar) for drinks and meals and any business meeting just ask for Carlos and tell them Mia sent you. In South Carolina it’s common ground for coffee and panini for meals in Beaufort,and in Brooklyn it’s the chocolate room .In Adelaide Australia it’s zumas.

Well yesterday using that system I caught the subway to union square for breakfast at the bean,then wheeled all the way across manhattan to Ella’s office about ten blocks then I rolled back for lunch with Carlos .
Zeus and I were making good time until we we got to the corner of 18th and broadway in union square,as I was starting the crossing two bike messengers appeared from nowhere one zipped each side and somehow knocked me so hard my chair flipped, as I was going down the steep ramp I flipped out and became airborne, as I looked down suddenly a car bonnet was under me.
in the moment I had no idea if the car was moving and thought I was about to die. Thankfully the car was parked, I slid off the bonnet to the ground. Stunned I suddenly realized Zeus had been waist leashed to me and must have flown to, I worried and looked for him but then a voice said “nice doggy” and asked me to reel him in. Ilooked and he was guarding my body and letting no one come near.
I commanded my best friend and he stood down and I was helped into my chair.
As I reached the other side of the crossing I did something I hadn’t done in years ,I sat and cried like a baby.
I was three blocks from Carlos’s restaurant so in. Total fog I rolled there . As I entered I saw people staring ,Carlos saw me then the owner asked what happened, I had landed in a puddle and it seems was sopping wet on my legs and had a red mark on my face.
The staff were wonderful And I was dry in no time and had a free stiff drink to warm me up. and was given a place where I could sit and check Zeus and give him a huge hug for being the amazing animal he is.

Now you say did the bike messengers help? No they laughed flipped the bird and rode off. Was I on their road and in the wrong ? No they were on the sidewalk and breaking the law.
This is not my first close call with these cowboys this is just the worst. If I hit someone in my chair I get in trouble, yet these notorious cowboys have been the bane of pedestrians for so long they even write them into movies and celebrate their sidewalk antics but I’m sorry I was assaulted and the bikes were the weapon what they did was a crime and they left the scene if they were in cars it would be hit and run .

Not giving them any excuse but the ramp I was on was so steep it was in no way to code,so Newyork you’re incompetence strikes again. If it wasn’t for me having my city mapped out with safe caring places to fall like the bean and coffee shop I would have been wet bruised and crying ten miles from home totally alone.
So to my friends ,find your sanctuaries know your surroundings always be safe and roll on.

I wish I was in Dixie away away in Dixie land I’ll take a stand! Yes a stand against nonADA compliant businesses down south

I recently returned from south Carolina where in Beaufort county I was fairly lucky with business accessibility for the disabled,but the sidewalks well it would be nice if they existed and where they do making them only two foot wide with the light poles in the middle isn’t antebellum it’s anti disabled and downright illegal.

Now being a damn yanky technically, I didn’t want to start another war of northern aggression again so I didn’t say however my group of southern belle friends in charleston said it all for me. one by one Marka Danielle , Brenda brown parent and several others who are charleston based wrote on Facebook of ramps blocked by cars, ramps that lead nowhere and no ramps at all no matter how many times the owners were told made me feel not so yanky If you think the non existent ramps were bad enough,the non existent disabled bathrooms were the last straw and left we who have wheels under our ass without a pot to piss in literally.

The south in certain parts may wish they were a seperate nation,but until that day they’re American and they’re in breach of the Americans with disabilities act .
So good ol boys get with the law and care for we the people,or there just might be some federal aggression hitting your bank accounts in the form of federal fines.