The Borgata casino Atlantic City thinks the Americans with disabilities act is a polite suggestion not a federal law.

Yes I’m back readers, our 5 days in Atlantic City was fun but had so many screw ups to put them all in one article would make war and peace read like a business card!
As I am now telling you for the third time we planned the train trip for over three hours, well we were on the phone with the VIP department of the Borgata for an equal amount of time and as I always do I asked the following questions

1/ Are you ADA complaint?

2/ Do you know what the ADA is ?

3/ If I check in with an able bodied person and pay the same money, can I go everywhere and experience everything you have to offer the same as they can without assistance?

4/ When it comes to service dogs, are you fully compliant and aware of the language of the act in reference to the disabled travelling with service animals?

5/As per the ADA when i check in are you aware there are no restrictions on the movement of a service dog?

The energetic answers to all of the above is we are completely compliant, aware and onboard with all parts of the ada as it pertains to places of accommodation ,food and entertainment so we booked.
After we worked that out the woman in VIP even added “our slots can be rolled right up to and you can play without any restriction”
So we arrived at 10.18 travelled to the Borgata and as we approached the desk the looks at Zeus were as if a lion was loose.
As we checked in the Russian woman(not realizing both Ella and I speak and understand it) muttered about about “sabachka” nyet harysho which means “dog not okay” and starting dialing the phone and “asking about paperwork to sign to allow the dog” which is illegal.
There is no contracts allowed under the Americans with disabilities act that you must sign to allow a service animal on the property, we asked what contract she showed us one and it said”the animal remain in a locked crate at all times while in the room or you will be refused all service including security, room service , cleaning” ?
We asked her “how can a service dog serve its purpose if it’s locked up?” she replied “not our problem no exceptions” So I asked her “what if I am blind and he’s a guide dog?” she replied again no exceptions?
I explained “you do realize a blind person cannot get around a strange room without the dog the dog must be with them at all times to navigate obstructions?” she replied again “rules are rules no exception blind or epilepsy “

we told her under the ADA the contract was illegal to sign so suddenly she spoke into a walky talky “they’re refusing can I have a couple of security to help” so as any lawyer knows any contract signed under duress is null and void, so we told them we would sign everything but that section. Ella being a VP of a magazine knows contract law she quickly highlighted the section and wrote on it “THIS IS ILLEGAL AND WE ARE NOT SIGNING OR AGREEING to THIS SECTION”
so it took three hours and two managers abusing and one who threatened us with “if you don’t sign there is no room key in fact we will lose your booking” then as a person who checks in you are entitled to a gambling card so when you play slots you get comp dollars I had a passport a green card and the woman who threatened to lose our looked at me and smiled and said “you’re not American we don’t give them to non-Americans” as she said it the woman down the counter handed a handful of cards to Japanese tourists? before we could finally check in!

We were told our room was finally ready, so we went up and unpacked and changed, then we came down to play the slots.
Now remember the lady from VIP “all machines are so accessible you can roll right up to them” so we rolled up to the machine.Well at least until I ran right up to the steel chair bolted to the floor?

Bolted to the floor? How does that make it accessible if there is a chair in front of every single of the multiple thousands of chairs bolted to the floor 12 inches from the machine?
So we went back to front desk and pointed out to them that we were told they were accessible, they told us they would get the “casino general manager” so we waited.
20 minutes again we waited and a tall bald man in a black suit walked up and identified himself as the gambling general manager in charge of all games on the floor, he said he didn’t see the problem, we showed him a person in a wheelchair can’t reach the machine so therein lies the problem.
He called a technician who pulled out a tool inserted it and the chair popped out and I could gamble, so after a conversation the man identifying himself as a general manager told me he would tell the technical department and for the next four days every time we changed machines we would have a 2-5 minute wait and someone would remove the chair so we gambled on the machine.
20 minutes later we pressed the button for assistance to remove the chair on a new machine (remembering he said any machine in the building) 35 minutes later a woman came up and asked did we need a pay out? We told her no and what the GM had said so she said she would get a technician so 25 minutes later a technician came up and said he had no idea what to do so he called another technician who tried for ten minutes and said he couldn’t so after 5 technicians a cool well-dressed security guard in a good suit walked up and said “these chairs are black chairs they can’t be moved” now he’s not a tech. So he pointed to the same machine with a different chair walked up pulled out a black military blade stuck it in the chair lock and voila it was out and we gambled 1hour and 45 minutes 6 people paid to be qualified for the job and code no joy, one ex-cop with a blade and beautiful suit and 30 seconds and we had a machine.Then the smart security guard dropped a bomb, the so called GM was a liar he was just another guard the woman at the desk with the attitude and got to impersonate their gm.
So we were told lie after lie after lie, and we were forced to sign illegal documents under duress of muscle bound security and refusal of our room and this was just the first four hours.
Ella demanded a meeting with the real GM in the AM and we went to bed. To be continued

New Jersey transit really services the customers when they’re finished you know you’ve been serviced!

As I said in the previous article we spent three and a half hours with New Jersey transit organizing this five days in the garden state and honestly less work went in to operation desert storm.
The route we organized was a train from Penn station New York to Trenton then change to the Philadelphia train to 30th st station then New Jersey transit to Atlantic City 4 hours from start to finish, the reason it was three trains was so the wheelchair can roll on and off and Zeus my service dog would be safe.
We left Manhattan at 6.01 train and we arrived in Atlantic City at 10.18pm
So we had our 5 days and we left on the jitney (you already know that story) now remember we were told trains all the way! So we boarded the train and were half way to Philadelphia when they announced we would be disboarding at cherry hills and catching a bus to Philadelphia so we got off the train and rolled down a very steep grass hill to a sidewalk no wider than 2 ft. on the edge of a grass hill with a vertical drop at least 6 ft. to a wire fence to keep us off the train tracks? The trouble is my wheelchair was wider than the path and the wheelchair lift dropped down so far it covered the sidewalk and the dirt which meant I had to vicariously perch on the edge of a 6ft grass verrt and had to jump from the side and land on the lift !
So far so good except one thing, the lift didn’t work so there were three busses and the first one took 20 minutes to work out with three middle aged men and a large African American woman and all were bus drivers and none could make the lift work.
They got me off the ramp sideways again, then they pulled the second bus too far up and I was forced to roll 20 feet through the landscaping all the time on the edge of the verrt and again jump onto the second ramp, after ten minutes this one finally worked!
The reason why new jersey is going broke in my opinion is because of the broken rusty lift we were loaded onto the second ramp and on a 80 seat bus we were the only passengers so NY transit because of poor maintenance they paid a driver and a fuel bill to drive a 40 ft. luxury coach from cherry hill to Philadelphia we had the largest chauffer driven limo in America!
We were promised it was ten minutes it ended up 45, so because of the stopped train then the two busses then the extra 35 minutes we got to philly late and missed our first train so we had a 1 hour wait there.
We boarded the Trenton train it is meant to be an hour ,it stopped twice for no reason up to 30 minutes each time so one hour became two, then we arrived in Trenton and missed another train which was meant to be just across the platform for another hour wait to head to new York which should be two hours the trains topped four times for up to 30 minutes each time so a two hour trip became four we left Atlantic city at 10.18 am we finally arrived at 5.30 pm a four hour trip became seven and a half hours and we still had to take the one train to times square and the seven to flushing what is a two and maybe a half hour drive from AC to nyc became almost ten hours because of the incompetence of new jersey transport phone service who didn’t know the bridge at cherry hill had been out for six months when over three and a half hours of planning they promised ADA compliant accessible travel each way with a four hour time schedule each way.
A phone service who can’t service customers a series of drivers who don’t know how to operate their own busses, a driver who doesn’t know how long his regular route is and not one but three trains who almost doubled their schedules when NJ transport says they service you they really should issue safe sex packs and knee pads with the tickets because the closest they come to service is bordering on conjugal!
I am on a medication schedule of three times a day, I was travelling with a service dog who normally toilets three to four times a day and because of gross incompetence a lifelong epileptic missed out on meds and an innocent dog was crammed into a crowded train regularly stopped going nowhere unable to get off.
Get your shit together America if you can’t offer competent advice, booking services and on time services to the regular public let alone the disabled travelling community then get the hell out of the travel business because you put me in a state of medical danger my dog in a place of perhaps having to toilet on a train in the middle of nowhere not to mention the poor other passengers who would have been stuck between a seizure and stinking train. We have rights you have responsibilities so one of us better have some common sense or all hell will break loose.

Kanye Stops Show After Wheelchair-Bound Punters Don’t Stand Up


reposted from a story Written by Greg Moskovitch on 14th September, 2014

Kanye West Live In Sydney, 2014 / Photo: Ashley Mar

Kanye West has developed a notorious reputation for putting his foot in his mouth, but a recent bit of crowd interaction at a Sydney show could be one of his most unfortunate faux pas yet. West reportedly stopped a song when two audience members did not stand up – because they were in wheelchairs.

According to several eyewitness accounts posted to social media, as well as an annotation on, West refused to perform his single Good Life, from his 2007 album, Graduation, until everyone inside the Qantas Credit Union Arena was standing and was angered when he saw two fans who were seated.

According to an account given to The Daily Mail, West told the packed Sydney crowd, “I can’t do this song, I can’t do this show until everybody stand up. Unless you got a handicap pass and you get special parking and shit. I’m [gonna] see you if you ain’t standing up. Believe me, I’m very good at that.”

After witnessing one concertgoer waving a prosthetic limb, West acknowledged them, saying, “Okay, you fine!” However, after complaining that “This is the longest I’ve had to wait to do a song”, West sent his bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, into the arena to check if a seated punter really was confined to a wheelchair.

The Daily Mail reported earlier in the week that West attempted a similar piece of crowd banter during a show at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena. The rapper reportedly told the crowd to stand during a performance of the same track, excusing those concertgoers who “have handicapped parking”.

West is set to wrap-up his Australian tour with a show at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre tomorrow night. Readers can check below for images from the rapper’s Friday night performance at the Qantas Credit Union Arena or get all the action from the first of his two Melbourne performances right here.

UPDATE 15/09/14: Footage of Kanye West’s Sydney wheelchair incident has emerged online. The video confirms that once Kanye was made aware of wheelchair-bound fans were in attendance, he jumped right into the song Goodlife. View the footage below.

You can let it ride on black in Atlantic city you just can’t ride their jitneys !

When Ella and I travel as I have said before organizing it is always a military movement.
So three and a half hours on the Phone with new jersey transport to choose routes times trains so as to avoid having to change to buses is what we thought it took to get it right and on the way there it went smooth 4 hours three transfers but we left Manhattan by 5 and was in the foyer of the Borgata Atlantic city by 10.18.
We had 5 days at the Borgata (believe me you will be reading about that) but when it came time to leave the troubles began. When we arrived at atlantic city we got of the train at the station and was told as long as we held return tickets for the train back to NYC the jitney to and from the station to the Borgata was free.
The ride to the Borgata on the jitney was uneventful and professionally handled,

and in 20 minutes we were checking in he told us to come to the same place when we were leaving and the trip would be free so we did.
The transport (jitney)arrived and the man lifted me on the lift and I positioned myself he instead of starting to drive immediately stood over me and started screaming for money he abused me he threatened me with police and he told Ella to shut up and told us we were going nowhere unless he got paid we paid the arsehole and he started driving, driving so fast on every corner on no less than three occasions so fast I had to hold the luggage rack to stop from being thrown from my chair we finally made the train station and I went to their office and reported him.
Heres the kicker, in atlantic city there are two companies both called jitney! theyre both green and white they both use the same stops and the same vehicles but one you have to pay for and one is included in your train ticket and it’s a roll which one picks you up.
One is run by efficient ADA aware drivers, the other middle eastern money demanding thugs we got the latter
were yet to even get on the train and that it’s self is a whole other story.

This is How a 10-Year-Old Boy With Autism is Treated in a Police State

Reposted from a story By Matt Agorist on August 30, 2014

A photo, taken at Cypress Elementary in the Lakeside Community, in Kissimmee, FL, submitted to the Free Thought Project this week, paints a very disturbing picture.

He had difficulty being redirected which resulted in a really bad meltdown. My son made threats to harm himself with scissors which were accessible to him from the teacher’s desk. The principal did not call us, but did call law enforcement to have him Baker acted.
The teacher did call my husband and he arrived at the school within minutes and 10 minutes before law enforcement. Upon his arrival he was told that he could not see Ryan because he would be interfering with an investigation and would risk being arrested.
When three law enforcement officers arrived to the classroom, Ryan was still very upset. They proceeded to drag him down the hall, passed by my husband who was very upset and placed him on the trunk of the police car on one of the hottest days of the week (100 degrees if not higher – police officer states this in his report ) and handcuffed him in front of the school and held him down on the hot car for several minutes before communicating to my husband that they planned to baker act him.
The Florida Mental Health Act of 1971, commonly known as the Baker Act allows the involuntary institutionalization and examination of an individual. It can be initiated by judges, law enforcement officials, physicians, or mental health professionals.

Basically this child was going to be taken from his parents, against their will, by cops, acting on behalf of a school principal, and put into state custody for displaying behavior that parents of autistic children are all too familiar with. According to the police report, the boy was thrown on top of the car because the pavement was too hot. Apparently the car, in 100+ degree Florida weather, was a welcomed cooling zone.

The fact that police were called to a school because teachers could not control a 10 year old speaks to the level of incompetence and lack of training within the school. Also the fact that the principal would not allow Ryan’s dad to see his son, and possibly diffuse the situation prior to his son being cuffed and stuffed, shows just how dependent the system is on the application of state force.

Ryan’s mother posed a very good question, “If he (the principal) was so concerned that he would harm himself why would he wait 10 minutes for the cops to arrive?”

The fact that the principal refused to allow a father to see his son, and waited until police arrived is a disturbing symptom of a much larger systemic problem. This problem has to do with society’s dependence upon state sanctioned force to solve problems. This dependency is so strong that the principal would not even let the boy’s own father try and calm his son. He could not see that as a solution; the only solution (in this principal’s mind) was that of state force.

The Free Thought Project reached out to the family Friday to see if they were able to file a complaint against the Kissimmee Police department, and according Mrs. Maldonado, ” The Chief of Police stands by his team.”

The family is however, planning on taking legal action against the school because they claim the principle violated their parental rights.

We asked the Maldonado’s how Ryan is doing now and if they have him back in their custody. They do have him back and they explained, “He doesn’t want to return to school. And he continues to repeat everything he heard administration and law enforcement talk about – Baker Act etc.”



Today on abc7 there was a story about a couple with cerebral palsy who regularly went to a food court to do the wife’s work of book review using her I-pad, today some scumbags decided the couple were ripe for the picking and grabbed the iPad and ran?

Who robs the disabled you ask? A lot of people, well scumbags maybe not people.
The first case that comes to mind is the Famous wheelchair extreme sports man Aaron Wheelz fotheringham, wheelz  went to test drive a new car, he climbed out of his wheelchair up into the suv and left his chair on the curb. When he came back from the test drive his beloved chair “slammy” had been stolen.

Since my disabilities deteriated to the point where I was fulltime in a wheelchair, I also have been victimized
I have been followed from a pharmacy and tipped and robbed by a group,
I have been followed down a subway platform and robbed,
I have had my backpack ripped off my back
I have been attacked in my chair and punched till I fell out of my chair.
Every day on my blog I receive e-mails from people attacked who want to know how to be safe, I want to tell them it’s a one of a kind thing but it’s not.

I’m sorry folks in every crowd on every train, in every bus, in every shopping mall and on every street corner there are monsters. Not the under the bed kind that daddy makes go away, I’m talking about the lowlife who thinks the world owes him a living. He or she is not from one race or religion, They’re not always in a gang but one thing they have in common is the total lack of morals and ethics and that readers never has anything to do with ethnicity or nationality and knows no boundaries or borders.
When I speak to authorities most are sympathetic but there are a lot of the opinion
“You’re asking for it, you shouldn’t be out without a nurse or a family member”
The above opinion belongs back in the dark ages, because as the average wheelie proves every day, we can do anything any able bodied upright person can do and we usually do it better and cooler,




So how do we stay safe?
1/ know you’re neighborhood, your streets

2/ find a sanctuary? What is sanctuary it’s the coffee shop where they know you it’s the restaurant that loves your service dog and respects your space when your chair is in the restaurant and treats you no different.

3/ Always have a person expecting you to be somewhere, if you don’t get there they call you if they can’t get you they know what route you took because you always take that route.

4/ make your vehicle safe, that doesn’t mean weapons it means a gps on your vehicle so your loved ones know where to find you when you don’t call, make sure you keep the engine healthy so if you need to plant the foot you can get the hell out of there.

5/ If someone is blocking you’re way ,blocking your car, now this is important and this will get me in trouble but it’s true,


Just because we have wheels under our asses doesn’t mean we are less than,we should accept less than, or we should allow ourselves to be considered less than.

We are amazing individuals who have survived hell and will only accept an amazing future because we damn well deserve it so



Food allergies can be deadly and disabling so why are they not taken seriously.

Everyone knows about peanut allergies and shellfish and they are serious allergies but the people who suffer from them can if they choose still eat lamb chicken steak hamburgers and hotdogs, in short an average carnivorous diet.
Now if I say vegan most carnivores’ picture peace loving hippies sitting cross-legged on a cushion chanting Om, most people consider it a choice that has no medical complications!
Well There are people like me amongst the vegan community who while we believe that there is no need for so called humane slaughter (no such thing exists) and are now devout vegans we started out vegan because of birth defect or in my case violent injury prohibiting our ability to digest anything animal related which includes.
Any dairy product whatsoever
Any flesh (yes fish is an animal and considered flesh)
Stock cubes (they’re dried up dead animal)
Liquid stock

So in short, my stomach and digestive system lacks the organs or natural ability to digest or break down or tolerate in any way any of the above or any dish containing them. Consumption of the above in the minimum ends up with severe vomiting in the worst collapse, hospitalization stomach pumping even surgery.
This in my case is because in my twenties I was stabbed with a very large blade cuting me from breast to pubis and saving my life meant taking out most of what digests any of the above.

Now Imagine what is required to live this way? when I lived back in Australia I managed a clothing store next to a sandwich shop and each day I ordered lunch. Now the owner knew to take precautions when preparing my food but one day he was sick, That day his wife cut a chicken sandwich then cut my tofu wrap without cleaning the knife or using a new one.
I consumed the wrap and hour later collapsed in agony clutching my stomach, my agony was caused by The small amount of juices from the chicken sanwhich on the knife that was mixed into my sandwhich when it was cut was enough to send me to the ER!

I have dozens of stories like that, so for me to find a diner or café I trust is huge they are few and far between, well until this sunday past we thought the verandah restaurant on northern boulevard bayside queens was such a place.
They are a Greek restaurant that we started going to for brunch on Sundays, and they had till this weekend been careful.

But ordering my meal goes something like this “hi I am interested in the hummus salad wrap but I need to know how the hummus, the wrap the dressing the salad are made and then how they are cooked and if the chef cooks them on the same surface as meat does he change knives and utensils for vegan food if you can go ask we’ll wait?”
So the verandah used to bring safe Italian bread and olive oil for dipping, this week they changed it to pita bread hot and Greek dips so of course we went through the usual duty of care and could only have one dip we were assured everything was safe ? Little did we know?
My wrap was taking a while so I ate a fair bit of the pita, when my wrap arrived I was sweating and clammy and overheated but I ate it. Within five minutes of finishing I threw it all back up plus my breakfast and was feeling like I was about to pass out.

The manager was called he assured me it wasn’t them, then I asked how he heated the pita? He replied on the hamburger flat grill? I said “so you heated my bread on the flat plate where you cook omelettes pancakes hamburgers steaks fish?” Yes he replied I was flabbergasted I said to him “when you have sauce left how do you eat it?” he replied “I sop it with bread” exactly I replied because bread sops everything up like a sponge.
A light went on, he had heated the bread of someone who could end up in surgery just from the small amount of chicken juice from cutting a sandwich on the same grill as every meat dish and breakfast eggs he had ever cooked in a 400 seat restaurant? My pita was flavored with every dead animal and dairy product they had on the menu?

If you Have fries and like me can’t eat animal product, potatos like bread absorb five times their weight in oil. That is the oil flavored by the fried fish, the fried prawns, the fried schnitzel and veal parm in short your fries are animal infused ?
Do you ever consider the cooking method of your meal when you’re out? The waiter tells the nut allergy sufferer no nuts are in their food but did the apprentice just finely chop walnuts on the same chopping board as the parsley for your pasta? If so I guarantee the best he did was a quick wipe with a rag so your parsley is infused with enough nut dust to make you vomit if not cause an unwanted ride to hospital?

To all of us who live with life threatening disabling allergies please be vigilant your dinner partners might get bored but at least you won’t get dead nothing kills the dinner conversation like a corpse at the table!
To the restaurant and diner owners if you think Zagat’s can kill business with a bad rating or a C on your window will turn away customers see what ABC prime time news will do for it with a headline like “disabled woman dies at city eatery because chefs didn’t listen to allergy warnings”
Yes the manager of verandah comped the meal but only after 45 minutes of arguing it couldn’t have been them, well nick if it had been more than the juice (say the cheese that was in the salad we had to send back because the waitress didn’t get cheese came from animals) 4 minutes can be the difference between life and death 45 would be the difference between my widow suing you for so much money your unborn grandchildren would owe us!
Instead of arguing from your total lack of medical knowledge whether “that little piece of cheese won’t hurt” just listen and make a note and make sure your chef your lady plating your waiter delivering get the memo and we all leave happy but even more important we all leave alive!